Sunday, March 26, 2017

French Quarter Festival & New Orleans , Lousiana

April 7-9 2017 French Quarter Festival

Our trip was messed up because there were storms in Atlanta, Delta's hub. On 4/5 we sat in Dayton Ohio airport for 14 hours only to have our flight cancelled. We returned to Cincinnati Ohio airport the next day and the delays continued. #Delta really ruined this vacation for us. We proceeded to have a second day in an airport , 1 aborted landing, driving X2 and an overnight flight. Pretty hard on our parents who are in their late 70s. Delta gave us $200 back or 20,000 skymiles but that was not enough compensation. I am very disappointed in their company at this time.
Here is a picture of my Dad at midnight thinking we were finally getting to New Orleans....But after we decided for 45 minutes the crew timed out and we had to return to the gate to change crews.

We finally arrived at New Orleans at 5:30 a.m. 2 days later and naturally had to grab some sleep. My parents slept for 6 hours, but because Jim's parents had already been there a day without us and were leaving Saturday, we only grabbed 2 hours of sleep and went to breakfast with them to celebrate their 25 the wedding anniversary!
 I tried the beans and mufellata. Jim had alligator sausage and eggs.
We took the trolley up to the Garden District and enjoyed our time with the Barnes.

We returned to the city and met up with my parents and the Blairs finally arrived as they had similar delays with Delta.😏
We headed to the festival! Time for vacation!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Opera House Tour & Royal Botanic Gardens- Sydney Day 2

We completed a day in Hunter valley & another day in the Blue Mountains. This was our final full day in Sydney. Last night The Blairs went to an opera at the Opera House-Barber of Seville. Today we are going to tour the Opera house. Later the Blairs are climbing the bridge. We climbed last time so we are just going to meander around the city.
The Barnhills stayed at the same hotel. They are heading out to the Blu Mountains (this was actually taken on the day we went to Hunter Valley)

Aw, poor monkey boy. No climbing in the Royal Botanic Gardens

The trees were massive

Finally we caged them

The art was angry in contrast to the pretty park

See- bones?

Romantic spot

Flocks of white cockatoos

Eating magnolia buds

And berries

The ladies in teal are gearing up for a 50 mile walk for charity
A plover

It was the 200th anniversary of the Royal Gardens

I think this wedding couple was my favorite-

A Blair sighting

Onto the Opera house tour

I think my favorite picture of Ken

Diana Krall is coming to town

So is Simply Red

Someone had a late night

Jim is ordering our food. We got a thing called tour & tasting plate. We weren't sure what to expect but it was quite nice....and a lot of food!

Food arrived

1 per couple

Gulls were very annoying, but Dan fed them wasabi as behavior modification

Tomorrow starts Chinese New year

Blairs went to climb the bridge & we went for more city tours

A barrister

Sunscreen man!

Back to Bondi because we can!

Loved the green space created on this high rise

Monkey boy outside our hotel
Monkey boy is being watched by bridge climbers

Off to meet the Blairs for dinner

No we didn't eat any but what art!

I didn't realize Capt. Cook was a Nurse! (Joke)

We stole the Osters table!
Cool place in the Rocks where we grilled our own food

Or you ate what they cooked- Pork w/ cracklin

Vacation is over (sad face)

Monkey boy doesn't want to make the 30 hour journey home.....