Sunday, October 1, 2017


While in Paris we spent 2 days seeing lots, and eating lots. We had some unique experiences! We, again tried an Air BNB and again I'm not sure I'd do it again in Europe. It was conveniently located near Notre Dame. This was nicer than what we had in London, but it had a strong musty odor and the shower was quite dangerous as it was up on 3 slick stairs and your head hit the ceiling.

 We toured the Notre Dame which was a block away.
 There was a strong police and military presence

 Mass was going on inside but we could walk around quietly

 Really stained glass window that opens? How beautiful yet functional

 The art work blew us away. The large murals of Christ's life was my favorite.

 We went on for more adventure doing a very unique wine and cheese tasting that was probably one of our favorite things we did while in Paris.

We then 5took the Metro, walked along the Champs Elysees, towards the Arc De Triomphe and had dinner.

 We're tired!
The next day we had a wonderful breakfast and went on the Hop On Hop Off Bus and went to the Catacombs.

 The Catacombs were more interesting than expected!

The next day we visited the Eiffel Tower please note Jim has now worn my much mocked rain poncho twice on this vacation and he promises never to mock my ponchos again!

 People walking on the first level

 An elevator to level 2 (almost as tall as the "Eiffel Tower" at King's Island amusement park)

 The view from level 2

Going to the top and here comes the rain!

We split up after here as we wanted to see the Hard Rock (I know, don't judge- we missed it in London) and then we were meeting up at the Lourve.

 I had an amazing cauliflower goat cheese burger and got a guitar pin for my collection.

At the Lourve we decided to see the structures most difficult to move or go on tour- the sculptures. If you went to see everything it would take 155 days!

 The detail was impressive

 Napoleon at his death

A nice dinner, then a cruise on the Siene (in the rain)

                                           We flew home the next morning, ready for home.