Saturday, December 21, 2013

Honeymoon Cruise- Where Travels Began

Jim & I wanted to go on a honeymoon that was not a traditional honeymoon. Not many people cruising. In 1991 cruising was an outlier, something most people were not considering. It seemed like a romantic escape. Our understanding of cruising was the Love Boat and Cathy Lee Gifford singing in Carnival commercials. (See above). We ended up choosing Royal Caribbean based off a travel agents recommendation for a quieter cruise. My has that changed!
   I was a little hesitant to sail but my husband thought it sounded like a fun adventure. The funniest part for us was that we watched the old black and white version of "The Titanic" just before we sailed. I was not sure we were doing the right thing by sailing!
Here is a great link about Song Of America cruise ship.

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