Friday, July 24, 2015

Blue Mountains and Featherdale - Sydney NSW Australia

I thought it may help our friends considering what to do in Sydney Australia if they are considering a day trip to Blue Mountains or Featherdale (or both)! This is an Unesco World heritage Site.
 We traveled with Blue Diamond Tours so here are some photos from our day. From their website-
"We will venture into the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains region where you will experience the raw magic the Blue Mountains has to offer, with sheer rock faces that plunge into eucalypt clad valleys, along with native flora and fauna of the Blue Mountains and spectacular waterfalls. Immerse yourself into the rich beauty the Blue Mountains has to offer.
The amazing rock formation of the Three Sisters is a truly spiritual place. Aboriginal legend tells that these rocky points were once three beautiful sisters that were turned to stone. This is what attracts people to the Blue Mountains. Enjoy peaceful walking trails that wind there way through pristine rainforest. Experience this rich wonderland of natural heritage and wildlife for yourself at Scenic world."
 On he rock was carved "Here I am starved of love" Troy. We did not meet Troy , but I wager he'd have gotten a hug.
 We got to see the phantom falls over the edge of the rocks

 No you can't have my fanny pack-

 The 3 sisters:
 Inside the sky car-

 We had to get on fast because so many others tried to crowd on.
 Cable car coming down-
 The floor has a nice walkway

 Termites' nest in case you can't read the previous sign-
 Lyre bird (Watch the video of this bird- amazing)-
 Echo Point...again redundant-

 Above is a flock of black cockatoos-
 We stopped for tea and scones-
 Then we went to the Aboriginal show- Jim got to be a rabbit in the play!
Off to Faetherdale- Here is Blue Diamond's description:
 Featherdale Wildlife Park which is Sydney’s ultimate wildlife experience. The multi award-winning Park has the world’s largest collection of Australian native animals. Cuddle up to a Koala or feed the baby Wallabies. There are also Emu’s, Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Crocodile & countless number of bird species. Featherdale Wildlife Park has gone out of their way to make their park unique, as it is so interactive.

 Below is the cassowary- one of the most dangerous birds. He was beautiful.


 Tawny Frogmouth-

 Hey there-

 Tasmanian devil caught in the middle of a yawn-

" A dingo ate my baby!" What movie is that line from?

 Rob from Blue Diamond Tours. Very cool guy!
 He put us on a boat at the end of the tour and we sailed right up to Circular Quay-

 We also got to pass through Sydney 2000 Olympic Park-
We had a great time!

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