Thursday, August 3, 2017

Harbor Bridge Climb- Sydney Australia 2013

The Harbor (or Harbour) Bridge was built in 1932 and it's height is 440 feet (134 m). It is nicknamed "The Old Coathanger". It's the world's tallest arched bridge.... and we climbed it in 2013! We boarded the ship Radiance of the Seas that same day and headed out into the South Pacific for a 9 night cruise.

"You can see it from every corner of the city, creeping into frame from the oddest angles, like an uncle who wants to get into every snapshot. From a distance it has a kind of gallant restraint, majestic but not assertive, but up close it is all might. It soars above you, so high that you could pass a ten-storey building beneath it, and looks like the heaviest thing on earth. Everything that is in it – the stone blocks in its four towers, the latticework of girders, the metal plates, the six-million rivets (with heads like halved apples) – is the biggest of its type you have ever seen... This is a great bridge.
— American travel-writer Bill Bryson's impressions of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in his book "Down Under", (2000).
 To get on in Australia, you must make two observations. Say, "You have the most beautiful bridge in the world" and "They tell me you trounced England again in the cricket." The first statement will be a lie. Sydney Bridge [sic] is big, utilitarian and the symbol of Australia, like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. But it is very ugly. No Australian will admit this.
James Michener assesses the Sydney Harbour Bridge in his book "Return to Paradise", (1951).

                                                       See the Radiance of the Seas?
                                                    See the Opera House?
                                      See our attempt at O-H-I-O & the face the girl on the side is making?

                                          Below you can see the 4 stairways each with 10 steps that you climb.
                                          It wasn't too bad!

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