Saturday, April 2, 2016

Harbors, Bays, Hop On Bus Sydney Australia

Our ship quietly slipped into Darling Harbor at dawn. The float in is very scenic.

Pier 1- our hotel is just beyond the stone footing of the bridge

The Rocks

Overseas Passenger Terminal

Luna Park across the harbor
Our final breakfast- nice view!

View from outside our hotel

I will scare would be bridge climbers with this photo

Ship in Darling Harbor
The Rocks

Because it's built on a rock

Captain Bligh

Our hop on hop off bus from Darling Harbor- we included the ferries as well

A bird drying his feathers

Greek restaurant on the harbor

A man selling tickets for Capt. Cook cruises

Can you spot the bridge climbers?

On the ferry
2 groups going up

I didn't want to hurt Ronda's feelings but her new hairdo-don't like it.

See you later Darling!

Oops- we got off at the zoo by mistake!

I think we blamed Ronda....even the people in back blamed her

But she's quickly forgiven

How many boats do you see?


We opted to stay on the boat and continue onto Manly beach

Watson's Bay looked lovely

Arriving in Manly Beach

Please caption this photo.....

School kids at recess but I felt like a creeper taking their photos

Manly Beach

Reason #1 we didn't go in

Reason # 2 we didn't go in

Shopping in Manly

Happy Jack, happy Dan

Lunch at Hugos

Sunscreen needed!

I ordered the pork belly pizza

This is Hugo

Pork belly, onion, radicchio & goat cheese

Bird eager for us to leave so he can eat

Candy store as we wait for our ferry

Asian wedding photo shoots were everywhere. They were beautiful

Hop on,hop off bus to Bondi Beach

Minolta tower


ER Bay

Bondi Beach

Coogee walk- someday I'll walk this Coogee Walk Map

More wedding photos

25 years of awkward poses in front of ships together

Jim looks like a tourist

How many things can an engineer do with a table sign?

Climbers ending their climb as the sunsets

2 more groups to follow

Chinese New Year getting ready to start

Jim had to have a snack in the room
Monkey boy likes to climb

So climb he did

We had a cool room for 4 nights for FREE!

Sleeps 3? Off to Hunter Valley tomorrow

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