Saturday, March 26, 2016

Blue Mountains, Australia Trip 2016

This is our 2nd time to Blue Mountains. Last trip was with Blue Diamond Tours (which took us to the floor of the mountains) and this time with AEA Luxury Tours (stayed on higher ground). Both were excellent. It's largely weather dependent. The advantage of getting to the floor is that it gives the fog time to lift.
After a brief nap, we arrived at the Blue Mountains

Not sure what it is,but it's beautiful

I can't recall what he's showing us

The fog rolled in

And rolled in

And Dan kept taking pictures of it

We had lunch at the Boiler house

I had a roasted veggie sandwich, everyone else had a peppery beef pie. I made a good choice!

The tables were beautiful

It rained pretty hard as we ate

It continued to be foggy
We went to the Aborigine show

A kangaroo & Emu




Graffiti on the coal car

Blue Mountains
Finally the fog lifted

Acting like we're falling over but applied no effort...

Snails mating

We stopped at the Botanic Gardens

We had champagne or OJ

Bette chose the OJ....

This area is known for their Bilpin apples

The old tin roofs were pretty

Back to Sydney we went, to dry out!

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