Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dunedin, New Zealand

We completed our land visit of New Zealand by going to the town of Dunedin.
The world's steepest street (which we thought was Lombard St. in San Francisco)

We chose not to walk it in the rain

We visited the Dunedin train station

We left the train station as the rain lifting

We toured Larnach Castle

The Blairs said there is no need to see Scotland as this was very Scottish

The fog started rolling in

Where's Waldo?

Fishing hut en route to the peninsula
A Pukeko

You may see a glimpse of 1 in the next photo in the background

Maybe that is an albatross in the distance, but see what a cool place the birds can rest & nest?

I can't identify most of these birds,but they were beautiful

You could see seals pop up in the sea weed

The most handsome penguin breed

Lots of varieties of penguins here

We were able to get pretty close to the sea lions

90 steps down (and up) to see the yellow eyed penguin, they are trying to save from extinction

Needs more eyeliner I think

And Jim is certainly doing his part by breeding!

Off to The ship we went-

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