Sunday, March 13, 2016

Days at Sea Crossing the Tazzie

We crossed the "Tazzie" or Tasman Sea after we left New Zealand. While at sea a lady had a stroke so went much faster to arrive in Tasmania. I was hoping the seas would be wilder, but they were pretty tame. I don't know her outcome but arrived 12 hours ahead of schedule, to overnight in Tasmania. We had a total of 5 days at sea for the 14 day cruise and I thought I'd  list those pictures here.

We even got to cross into the Indian Ocean!

Jim  was trying to learn the game we liked so well. Invaders from the Planet Moolah

Tastes to go along with our Molecular bar class
This was a frozen beet slushie
I lost the recipes~
Dan was 1st student up. He worked the crowd like a good bartender
Jim takes his education very serious- even if the bartender didn't.
Jim mastered the shake & tried to smile
Jim had a tall drink with orange zest, he split it with Dan

Jim's sip

I had to cheat off of my partner

I made the dragon fly with liquid nitrogen
Ronda got to make the  dessert drink

She nailed the smile & shake

Her drink was delicious

Great bartenders/chemists

We almost had the sea to ourselves
The banister was salty

Very relaxing
We kept wearing the ears

And some wore them better than others

Since the background was just nature scenes I can only assume Darko the bartender from Croatia was amusing them

Ah- now I see what had them amused jalapeno drink with liquid nitrogen & lava salt...or maybe there's no liquid nitrogen, just the heat!

Susan gets her oysters at Murano

Our fancy dinner at the French specialty restaurant

Susan & Michael- nice souffle!

Jim was always on facebook...oh no that would be me. (He's trying to take a picture of his souffle)

They had a nice welcome back wine tasting for their loyal cruisers

And a cute tart

I won at bingo but didn't realize I won...oops. $300 missed!

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