Saturday, March 12, 2016

Akoroa New Zealand

We sailed to the south island, and visited a farming community of Akoroa. Usually the ship visits Christchurch, but since their earthquake , they've diverted ships to this port. A delightful farming community that's ready for the business.
We tendered to this port- a nice quiet farming town

Double Decker buses

The bay we sailed into

Our ship in the bay

Our driver pulle dover and said he'd never seen anything like it. At least 200 dolphins in the bay. The biggest pod he'd ever seen. Yeah earth!

A Moari war ship

Rain didn't stop us

Beach in Akoroa

100% why I love him

His view

Our view

Why we don't need to visit Scotland

One of the best pics from the trip. It's okay, we're all mortal. Love well.

The gardens of Mandalay Farms

The herding dogs- respond to visual or auditory controls

Auditory control dog awaiting his master's whistle to herd sheep right or left

Herded back to the pin

Sheep sheering. Their wool was very oily.

Beef has become the #1 export to China, ahead of sheep.


Celebrity Sheep- Baa!

Our travel herd

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