Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hunter Valley, Australia

We ended our cruise in Sydney. I'll show all we did in Sydney later. We took a day trip to Hunter Valley, with AEA Luxury Tours. I am horrible with names but here is our guide.
As we left Sydney I noticed people were boxing in the park.

We visited Reptile park

Big kanagroos

Meet Elvis, the world's crankiest croc

They've tried to mate him twice but he ate both females

Largest salt water croc in captivity

I didn't mess with him
Hi there!

Ken is enjoying this as much as bette
Jim says he doesn't care about stupid kaolas

Emus and kangaroos could be hand fed

So they were

They even pull down your shorts when you ignore them

And if you are slow they demand to be fed

Some wait their turn

He doesn't care about these stupid animals either. He was watching kangaroos mate (for realz)

Blairs are ready to take on the emu invasion


Emu trauma

Ducks are much nicer

Trying to hi five something with tiny arms

"Just rub my chest please"
"A dingo....

ate my baby"

Lace monitors, unsure how they got that name

Old Tortoise

Eastern Water Dragon

Red Bellied Black Snake

Cool Frog

Yes I went in....
Tasmanian Devil

Scariest of all spiders in the world-funnel web spider

See? Scary!

Country drive into the vineyards

Our 1st stop

Wine tasting

Very nice place

Beautiful gardens

More vineyards

2nd winery

Hunter Valley

Our tasting

Our host, Ben. Our guide said "Ben! He's more camp then a row of tents" Which was a creative,albeit not pc, description. Ben was delightful. He says he was the model for this bottle
We think this would make an awesome award for a gastroenterologist

Cooling off in the shade

Gorgeous place

Lunch stop. Ronda just remembered she left the iron on at home....

Ronda captured a locust. They were having their 17 year locust visit. Fun to hear in February!

Back to Sydney we go

We had questions.....our driver explained it isn't what we think. They do funerals in all white, including the limosine and coffin.

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