Saturday, March 26, 2016

Featherdale Wildlife Park

On our way to Blue Mountains we stopped at Featherdale. Last time we stopped there (in 2013) it was a hot sunny afternoon & many were sleeping.  This time it was cooler and raining. The animals were far more alert & active.

With flocks of these in the park behind the Opera house it amazes me they are in cages.

Our favorite animal and most deadly bird on the planet- the cassowary.

He can disembowel you with 1 swipe.

I just had to watch & record Dan's potential demise

Australian Pelican

Pied Cormorant

Green Figbird

Koala- sleeping 90% of the time

His impressive claws, even at rest

Tawny Frogmouth

He's awake but recently mated and pretty much just wanted to do that, not take photos.


Nicobar Pigeon

Creative name

Equally creative name
Cassowary again


White Bellied Sea Eagle


Buzzard drying his wings in the wind

Black Breasted Buzzard

This bird is free but curious

Studying the echid but i look mad at it-

He thinks I look angry & is leaving

Onto the Blue Mountains we go

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