Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hobart, Tasmania

We arrived to Tasmania about 12 hours ahead of schedule for an ill passenger. It was rainy and we were excited to overnight here. I think it was the hardest it rained all trip that night as we walked to a local pub.
We started our day at the Antarctic museum. We hear humans are bad for the place with our microbes so this is as close as we'll ever get.

Some dressed up like arctic explorers

Some enjoyed the statues a bit too much

It's big- stay out!


No words....

We stopped for tea or "Elevensies" or "2nd breakfast" at a recycled train stop. Some cars were vintage boutiques. Great idea.

Our guide & Ronda (suck up)
Jim also sucking up - his strawberry shake

I had an herbed muffun and he had a biscuit

We went onto their Tasmanian history museum

Large exporter of apples and pears

Naturally we liked the old medicines

This is a "Plover" and they sell shirts that say "Damn I want to be your plover" (a song parody)

Some sort of wild something scurrying across the road in the rain

We stopped at a wonderful chocolate shop. Truly taking his craft to the artisan level. He has the heart of a teacher and loved his craft.

How could you eat art?

This is chocolate...I know!

The sky made us think we may see sun.....what a tease
Critter 1

Critters 2,3,4

This I expected to see

This I did not expect to see

This person I love, but the fish of the day , Dory, I did not like

No we didn't eat it

Benches are for seat not for feet Dan

We saw them make cheese

They where big white boots that for some reason fascinated me and made me think of Nancy Senatra go go dancing....but on a fat farmer.

We stopped here- probably the best of all the animal stops on our trip

What did you do today at work? "Oh I fed a wombat"

"And strangers watched"

Big kangaroos everywhere

And the birds were noisy and beautiful

Tasmanian devil

2nd breakkie for the kaola

Nap time- 20 hours/day

A corella

A Galah

Please sir, do you have any food to spare?


Thank you

Cockatoo caged but you'll see in a bit their were flocks of them flying around

Here's a flock of cockatoos in a tree

Tazzie you are way up there as a favorite port!

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