Sunday, August 31, 2014

at Sea- Med Cruise

Jim was at seminar all day. This was a quiet, boring day for me. I did a lot of organizing and packing. I used up my internet package and I think I did a slot machine tournament. I needed some cave time.

 We did, however, go to Qsine with Susan, Michael (from Alberta Canada), Marilynn and Bill (From Nova Scotia). What is Qsine? Hmmm. Not sure I can explain. It's food made fun. Here is the Celebrity definition: "Qsine® offers a culinary journey that delivers elements of surprise and delight. Our James Beard featured Master Chef created Qsine to give you something you've never experienced before—on land or at sea. Leave any preconceived notions behind. Dig in and try new things. It's time your palate got a wakeup call. Our iPad® menus make your dining experience even more fun and interactive."
Here is a look at the menu Qsine menu

You have to appoint a leader for your group and they do all of the ordering. Our leader was Susan but she made us change her captain hat to "Queen".

                                         The Queen will order for the group now....

 Wait! Bill doesn't know what he is going to end up with so he doesn't know what to order- Red wine or white wine? Queen has a solution...both.
We start with Sushi Pops

 and Disco shrimp
Bread and escargot
Crab cakes
We ordered other things but i forgot to take pictures. We liked the Fish and Chips so much we ordered extra.

I think we ordered the kabobs as well? I can't recall- We were stuffed.

We especially liked dessert. Chocolate covered cherries and the waiter suggested ice cream.
Jim loves ice cream I'm not sure this is what Jim had in mind when they delivered it... It is called the silver bullet. I laughed so hard I cried. Jim's face was priceless. Dead pan and stare....
Would I do Qsine again? Maybe. Did I have the best laugh of the cruise? YES!

Off to bed now- I am laughed out and we have Venice to explore tomorrow! Good night!

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