Friday, August 1, 2014


Jim had his anesthesia seminar this morning, so I meandered around the ship by my lonesome. I continually ran into fellow Cruise Critic people, so the time flew quickly. I did stop at their Cafe Al Bacio on level 5. I had a chance to sit and talk with Bob and Jane Lorrey, who would be tour sharing with us in Turkey.
What a delightful couple they are. I can't wait for Jim to meet them.
The menu was similar to Starbucks. I did not have a drink package, but if you did have a premium package this would be included. I ordered an espresso.

The sweets are no charge, but I think people thought they were so no one seemed to eat them. At the end of this lounge there is the ice cream bar. We received a free coupon for 1 scoop because of our status with Royal Caribbean. It was a nice perk and very good.
Jim was out of his seminar and we went to the main dining room for lunch, then up on deck for our sail in to Malta.
 On the way Jim played on the lawn furniture. You can rent the cabanas for a day or a week. (I don't see the benefit of doing this). On some evenings they have music on the lawn.

Jim tried to sell my brother, Brian, on cruising with us to New Zealand. I think Jim is cuter than Vanna White. I really liked: 1) Not having to check towels in and out and 2). The blankets at night.

We are arriving to Malta- the city of Valletta is a Unesco World heritage Site

Jim got us a drink as we sailed in and I took pictures-
A very mighty fortress indeed - It is horseshoe shaped with walls all around.

 We are churning up the beautiful blue sea...

We get off the ship and head for our segway tour. The country seemed very old. I felt like we went back in time. The ancient city of Mdina was in the distance, and there seemed to be stone everywhere. I loved the flowers and crooked trees. We got on our segways and headed for the cliffs. That doesn't sound smart....

Once there I managed to drive my segway up the wall and wedge it between the wall and a lamp post. Apparently it was the 1st time anyone had done that. We had a few people from Australia with in our group, and I love Aussies, but know how hard they play. I couldn't keep up. The guide hung with me at the back. I was very slow. The Dingli Cliffs were beautiful.

Would you eat this- Maltese rabbit?
 Jim and one of our guides un-wedged my segway.
 Looking down the cliff.
 An old church on the cliff's edge

 Fennel grew wild at the tops of the cliffs

We proceeded to the highest point Mother of Mary church. My guide had to stay behind to help a couple with their gear and told me to go on. I did.....but no one was at the church. I was lost and alone on a segway in Malta.

I turned to see my guide and the couple quickly going over the hill. No way I could catch them (The lead guide decided to skip the church and head back to base- he radioed her and she thought I was with him). I pulled in front of a police station. An officer was  outside smoking a cigarette. I asked him if he knew where the segway shop was but he said "No" and went inside.
 I figured he couldn't help me but stayed put on my segway as I knew eventually (hopefully) someone would contact the police. Jim was quite dismayed to see the 2nd guide arrive without me. After 15 minutes they found me (Guide #2 actually wiped out, she was going so fast.) I felt bad for her. They both apologized and hugged me. Nice people.
I was ready to go buy a post card and get on the ship. Jim wanted to see the town and ride the elevator up into the town. It was pretty cool. 1 euro up and free back down.

The town was clean and flowers were pretty. Lots of military history here. I wanted to send my friend Jeanne Maxey, a US mail handler, a post card from various places. This one seemed logistically the most difficult. I was curious how long it would take to reach her.

Battled and bruised- I had tattoo from the segway handle as I wrecked into/rode the wall.

I was spent, and ready to get back on the ship. Malta 1 Karen 0.
Onto Tuscan Grill for dinner and to watch Malta put on a light show as we dined.

Remember those blankets? We got one and had a nice 10pm sail away. Well done Malta!

Tomorrow- Day at sea.

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