Saturday, August 2, 2014

At Sea headed towards Greece from Malta

I thought this was going to be a long day. Jim was in seminar and they wanted to skip lunch and go right through so I wouldn’t see him from 7a to 4p. I started out at Café Al Bacio for a chai tea and then went to breakfast in the main dining room. I hadn’t been able to connect with other spouses in the seminar so I had to go make new friends on my own. I did things like a slot machine tournament and a wine tasting.
 I also got our internet package straightened out. I tried to work on Jim’s key issue at guest relations AND had to tell them they gave of free drinks the day of Malta. They tried to make me buy a drink package because they made an error. I firmly declined.
 His key never seemed to work. We are wondering if it was because of his glasses that de-magnetized them.
 It was a quiet day and I was ready for Jim to get out of seminar so we could play.

Tomorrow is day 7- Mykonos, Greece.

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